We decided to make our movie available for download cause we knew someone else would anyway and wanted to offer it to all those who missed their chance to buy it or who couldn't afford it.


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Polarizing art-metal weirdos HORSE the band grow tired of life in the American underground music scene and decide to book and fund a 45-countries-in-90-days, round-the-world tour, all by themselves. Unprecedented in its scope and bravery, it is the most ambitious nonstop tour ever attempted. $60,000 of credit card debt later, hilarity, chaos, and metaphysical crises begin to ensue as the band strays far from the tourist-trodden path into the homes, underground clubs, and hangouts of real and driven people from some of Earth's most exotic locales. Sleep deprivation and non-stop travel eventually take their toll, snowballing into an absurd and meaningless seven-and-a-half-hour climax of binge-drinking, fear, thoughtful reflection, hatred, literary criticism, severe depression, and infantile behavior. Moving at a very fast pace and laughing their way through CIA-inadvisable, communist/Muslim/anti-American/human-trafficking/terrorist-laden countries and/or dictatorships including but not limited to China, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Belarus, as well as the rogue nation of Transnistria, experiences boil down to one of two possibilities: the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. Later: The lead singer breaks his shoulder onstage with over a week left of tour. The female photographer becomes fat. People playing music, and selling t-shirts, and changing locations. A modern day Heart of Darkness taking a decidedly frank, open, and honest look at the classic misgivings of a terrible life: What the fuck are we doing? and What happened to me?

Gary LaChance directs and produces a visionary and moving touchstone in Cinema Frank.

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